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“I speak Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, English and Spanish”

Mira Riekki


Tel: +34 822 621 055

Email: mira@bhcowners.com

“My name is Mira Riekki and before moving here to Tenerife in 2006 I worked as a Key Account Manager at a bridal magazine in Sweden. In Tenerife I have worked as a restaurant manager in one of the biggest resorts in the south before joining The Nordic Consulting in 2018.
For a year and a half I have been one of the project managers/coordinators for BHC owners, a project with proven results achieved so far with the help of all owners, our team and expert lawyers.”


“I speak French, English and Spanish”

Pierre Nguyen



Tel: +34 822 621 055

Email: pierre@bhcowners.com

“I have been living in Tenerife since 1994 and have worked in the tourism industry since that time. Since i have worked for Nordic Consulting, my experience has grown and my knowledge has enabled me to assist the owners of the Beverly Hills Club in all areas.”



Ali Farhoud



Tel: +34 822 621 055

Email: info@bhcowners.com

“I started the BHC owners project 2.5 years ago. Me as a owner myself I could see a lot of injustice being carried out by the management company. The owner didn’t have much to say about our own investments and the management company was taking all the benefits from the resort. So we owners decided to get together to take control of our own investments.
Up to date we have been able to change the locks for owners, sold apartments, had AGM meetings and in different ways tried to unite everyone. We have also broken rental agreements through court.and we currently have over fifty percent (50%) of the owners with us to be able to make positive changes and to regain control over the resort. I was appointed president of the community as per court sentence order on the 14th of December 2022. The exiting management company have appeal and we are in a ongoing court procces for that.

Our main goal is better conditions for everyone owning an apartment at The Suites at Beverly Hills Club.”